Scope of the workshop

Dynamic force microscopy (also known as non-contact atomic force microscopy) has evolved rapidly over the past decade to become an extremely powerful technique capable of not only ultrahigh resolution imaging and spectroscopy, but the precise positioning of individual adsorbed atoms and molecules.

This workshop will focus on the latest advances in the manipulation of condensed matter using dynamic force microscopes, bringing together experimentalists and theorists working on the precise control of adsorbates on a variety of substrates.


· Antonio Correia (Phantoms Foundation, Spain)
· Sebastien Gauthier (CEMES/CNRS, France)
· Christian Joachim (CEMES/CNRS, France)
· Philip Moriarty (University Nottingham, UK)
· Adam Sweetman (University Nottingham, UK)


· This event will take place at the School of Physics and Astronomy,
  University of Nottingham (Nottingham, UK): April 16-17, 2013
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